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TRA Prefecture #094

Recent News:

2/8/18 Welcome to the 2018 METRA flying season!

Our schedule for this year:
March 24-25 1st day is cleanup
May 5-6
June 2-3
July 7-8
August 4-5
September 1-2
October 6-7
November 3-4

Please note that the first launch will include equipment cleanup. More details will follow later. Please plan to support YOUR club this year, and help out. We’ve had a good turnout in the past, so cleanup usually is done in just a couple of hours. As in the past, if you want to fly the first Saturday, you MUST show up to help with the cleanup. Flight fees for the full weekend will be waived for those that help. Those that don’t help out, and show up on Sunday will need to pay a regular flyer’s fee.

Please consider renewing your membership for 2018 on the website by Paypal soon. This makes it a lot easier on the field. Also print out the membership application and waiver, fill them out and bring them to the first launch. This will save a lot of time on the field, and maybe enable your prefect to actually fly on the first weekend, instead of collecting paperwork the whole time. Maybe print out some flight cards as well, and have them filled out before you get to the field !

You can’t fly if you are not a member, so please renew soon!

Hope everyone has had a good winter, and is getting new projects ready to fly. Let people know what you are up to on our Facebook page !