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TRA Prefecture #094

Recent News:

3/29/17 First launch cancelled.

Unfortunately, the weather is still against us. The field still has a little snow, and is muddy. It may also rain on Saturday. Because of all this, we have agreed with the landowner that we should not be on the field, and we have cancelled the April launch. Since LDRS is the following weekend, we will have our first launch May 6-7. We will have our equipment cleanup in the morning of the 6th.

Take advantage of the extra time, and get something new built!

3/21/17 First launch postponed until April 1.

Unfortunately, there is still snow on the ground in Pine Island, and our landowner has asked us not to be on the field this coming weekend. We are thus postponing our first launch until April 1, 2017. This is planned to be our equipment cleanup launch, and will likely be a Saturday only launch. More details will follow next week once we know that the field is clear of snow, and we are OK’ed to be there.

1/25/17 The 2017 METRA flying season begins soon!

Welcome to 2017 ! Hope all is well, and you are busy building all kinds of cool new rocketry projects.

Get your winter builds done – we hope to see some really cool projects this year. Let people know what you are up to on our Facebook page !

Please renew your membership for 2017 on the website (paypal). Afterwards, you can fill out the membership form & waiver and bring it to a launch, or mail it in.

Join / Renew Membership

You can’t fly if you are not a member, so please renew soon!

The schedule for next year will be finalized soon, with our first launch in March. Like last year, we will spend part of Saturday at the first launch doing some equipment cleanup/repair/prep for next year. All members are strongly encouraged to help out. Details will be available soon.

Have a great time for the remainder of the rocket building season, and hope to see everyone back once the flying season begins!