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TRA Prefecture #094

Recent News:

11/3/17 We are GO for launch tomorrow, Nov. 4, only.

Due to the poor weather forecast for Sunday, we will not launch Sunday.

Setup is at 8:30am – please help out your club! We will clean up either when we run out of rockets to fly, or 5pm or so. Please plan to help out with cleanup as well.

This is the last launch of the season, so I hope to see everyone there!

11/1/17 Our last launch of the season is this weekend, Nov. 4-5.

Right now the weather looks good for Saturday, and iffy for Sunday. As always, we will make a final call on Friday afternoon.

We will have Wildman CT onsite this weekend. This is your last chance to buy rocket supplies on the field this year, so take advantage of it!

Nadine’s dogs will also be onsite with lots of good food and lemonade. Best stuff you will find at a rocket launch anywhere – so be sure to check it out!

Please plan to be on the field by 8:30 am to help with setup.

Cert flights will only be on Saturday, so plan accordingly. You must be a METRA and either Tripoli or NAR member to certify. Make sure you have let Andy know your intentions ahead of time.

I still have a few METRA t-shirts if you want to get yourself a Christmas present (or someone else!). See Andy on the field to see what is available (right now, S, L, XL, and a L hoodie – but these will go fast).

Dress warm, and bring out all your good rockets! See you Saturday!

10/7/17 NO GO for launch tomorrow, Sunday Oct 8

The weather looks poor for tomorrow, so we made the decision on the field today to cancel Sunday.

Thanks much to everyone that came out today to enjoy the great weather and flying cool rockets! We had a great turnout, and the picnic was a great success. .Thanks also to Lloyd and Nadine of Nadine’s Dogs for catering our picnic, the food was wonderful.

Hope hurricane season ends soon so we can see everyone in November.

10/5/17 Our next launch is this weekend, October 7-8. We are GO for launch!

The weather looks good for Saturday, with a chance of rain Sunday.

We will be having our club picnic, catered by Lloyd and Nadine’s Dogs on Saturday after the launch. Please bring your chairs so we can all hang out together. We have a lot of folks that reserved meal tickets, so it should be a good time. There will be extras available on the field at $15. Please see Andy for tickets whether you paid already or on the field.

The Menu:
1) Main course, Choose 2: Grilled chicken, BBQ chicken, BBQ ribs, spicy chicken fingers, smoked pulled pork, strip steak sandwich, lasagne, hamburger, hot dog
2) Sides, Choose 2: Baked beans, corn on the cob, potato salad, pasta salad, green salad
3) Drinks: soda, iced tea, water
4) Desserts, choose 1: cake, asst. cookies

Are you hungry yet? Did we call this a picnic? Seems more like a banquet! Be sure to join us, or you will miss out. Feasting will start at 4:30pm, so we will clean up a bit early – keep that in mind for your flights!

As usual, setup will start at 8:30am Saturday, and we will clean up Sunday starting at 2pm, depending on the weather. Please help out your fellow members.

If you are planning on a cert flight, it has to be Saturday. If you haven’t let me know about it yet, please drop me an email.

We will have all of our rocketry vendors onsite, so if you need motors or other goodies, please be sure to visit Wildman CT and Onebadhawk. Time to stock up for the winter build season!

See you there!

9/25/17 Please sign up for the picnic!

We’ve got a fair turnout of folks signed up for the picnic. If you plan to go, please log on to the webpage and buy your $10 tickets now, so we know how much food to tell LLoyd to bring. We need to know by October 1, and that is just a week away!

Thanks, and we hope to see many of you there!

9/12/17 next METRA launch and our picnic!

Our next launch is scheduled for October 7-8.

To celebrate a great year, we are planning to have a picnic after the launch on Saturday. Lloyd and Nadine’s Dogs will be cooking up a storm of good food. Please bring your chairs and join us for a good time! Some things we are planning on (may change a little as we get closer): Grilled Chicken, BBQ Brisket, a beef dish, pasta salad, green salad, potato salad, corn on the cob, hot dogs, cake, cookies, sodas, water, and possibly some other stuff.

Please buy your picnic tickets now. We need to know how many to expect, so our food vendor knows how much to buy. As a special bonus for those that buy their tickets early (before October 1), the cost will be only $10 per person, and the club will pay the rest of the cost! After October 1, the cost goes up to $15, so buy your tickets now!!!

Hope to see you there!

9/2/17 NO GO for launch on Sunday, September 3.

Hope you were able to come fly today – very nice day for flying. Unfortunately, the weather for tomorrow looks bad, so we cleaned up the field, and will NOT launch tomorrow.

See you next month!

8/30/17 Our next launch is this weekend, September 2-3.

Only 3 more left this season!! The weather looks good right now, maybe some rain Saturday night to prep the field for sparkies on Sunday. As always, a final GO/NO GO will be issued on Friday.

We will have food and rocketry vendors onsite: please visit them and help our rocket economy! Lloyd and Nadine’s Dogs, and Wildman CT.

At the October launch, we are planning to have an informal club picnic/dinner/get together after the flying on Saturday. Planning is underway. We will be asking folks to sign up ahead of time, as our vendor(Lloyd & Nadine) needs to buy food and setup a menu, and needs to know how much to get. We will be collecting $10 per person (any age) – please pay at the launch this weekend to reserve your spot. We will also get a paypal button up on the website. This is a special deal for those that prepay, and the club will pick up the rest of the cost. If you don’t prepay by the cutoff date (probably a week before the launch), the cost will go up to $15-20 a person. So please join us on the field, and hang our with your fellow members for a good time.

If you want to do a certification flight, please be there Saturday AM; I will not be on the field Sunday.

See you this weekend!

8/4/17 We are GO for launch this weekend, Aug 5-6.

Looks like great weather after after a possible thunderstorm Sat. AM, making it good for sparkies!

Please help out with setup at 8:30am, and we will need members to help with RSO (level 2 required) and LCO (any level). At 2pm Sunday we will begin cleanup, and will also need help with cleanup.

See you there!

8/3/17 We have a launch this weekend, Aug 5-6.

Right now it looks good to go, perhaps a sprinkle Saturday morning while we set up. We will make a final determination by Friday.

Prep your motors and rockets, we should be good to go. Spitty/sparky motors are OK. Remember all rocket launches at METRA must adhere to TRA research launch rules, which was recently updated. Take a look if you are not sure.

We will have all our vendors onsite: please visit them and help our rocket economy! Lloyd and Nadine’s Dogs will be onsite with food & drink as well.

We are considering a Banquet/BBQ/Get together at one of our last launches, to be held on a Saturday evening after the flying is done. More details will come out when we firm up plans. We are hoping many can participate.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out this year with setup/cleanup, it is much appreciated. As usual, we will be setting up at 8:30am on Saturday, and are looking for many to help out. Clean up will start at 2pm on Sunday, so plan your flights accordingly.

See you this weekend!

6/30/17 We are GO for launch this weekend, July 1-2!

The weather guys can’t agree, but it mostly looks like thunderstorms after the launch is over on Saturday, then clear Sunday (and perfect for sparkies!!! o-). To quote a bother from MDRA, “the weather will be there, and so will we”!

Please come and join us! Please show up at 8:30am Saturday to help with setup.

Bring lots of water, it will be hot! Nadine’s Dogs will also have the best lemonaide you will find on a rocket filed!

See you this weekend.

6/29/17 Our next launch is this weekend, July 1-2

The weather looks good right now, perhaps some rain in the evening, but that should not affect flying during the day – just be extra safe for sparkies on Sunday ;-). As usual, we will make a final GO or NO GO announcement on Friday.

We expect to have all of our vendors on Saturday, please check them out. Nadine’s dogs will be onsite both days.

It looks to be hot this weekend, so be sure to bring plenty of water.

Thanks to all who have stepped up to help out during the last launches! If you have not, please try to help out in some way this weekend.

Setup will start at 8:30am Saturday, and breakdown 2pm on Sunday. Please try to come in time to help with both – it goes so much faster with folks helping out. Plan to get your flights in before 2 on Sunday.

Please keep you speed < 10 MPH on the farm property, and clean up/remove everything you bring with you.

See you Saturday!

6/2/17 We are GO for launch this Saturday only, June 3!

The weather looks to be beautiful on Saturday.
Sunday we are NO GO – the chance of rain is too high.

Remember – we will have rocket and food vendors onsite – check ’em out. Keep your speed to 10 MPH on farm property.

Please show up at 9am to help with equipment setup, and we will need members to help with RSO (level 2 required) and LCO (any level). At the end of the day we will also need help with cleanup.

See you there!

5/31/17 Next launch June 3-4

Our next launch is this weekend. Right now, the weather for Saturday looks good, so we are planning to launch. Sunday may get cancelled due to rain. We will make a final decision on Friday for both days, and post a final GO or NO GO message.

Please plan to be on the field by 9am Saturday to help with setup. The faster we get it done, the faster we can fly. We will also need volunteers to help run the launch – Step up and help out! Setup, cleanup, RSO and LCO duties are everyone’s responsibility!

We will have the best vendors this weekend, please visit them – they have lots of great rocket gear you cannot live without! Wildman CT (Aerotech & CTI motors, lots of general rocket goodies, electronics, kits, parts…) and OnBadHawk Recovery (kevlar and nylon harnesses and hardware, Loki Research motors, Jolly Logic) will be onsite. Our food vendor Nadine’s Dogs will also be onsite with the best food on a rocket field.

Hope to see you Saturday!

5/5/17 First launch Sunday, May 7 !!!

Our equipment cleanup and first launch will be on Sunday.

Unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating for Saturday, but the weather report looks good for Sunday.

Please come and support the club Sunday morning starting at 8:30 AM for the cleanup. As noted before, if you want to fly, you need to help out. Those who help out will fly for free when we are done.

See you Sunday!

5/3/17 First launch of the season this weekend, May 6-7 !!!

Dust off your rockets and gear!!! Our first launch of the season is the weekend. The weather looks good, but a chance of rain is in the forecast Sat. PM. As usual, we will email and post to the website a final GO or NO GO Friday afternoon.

If the field is not too soft, pads will be out in the field rather than on the grass border. There is no restriction on sparky motors, but if it gets dry or we have a fire concern later in the season, we will need to disallow them again.

This will be our cleanup launch, where we clean the rods and rails, grease up the pads, etc.. The cleanup will begin at 9 AM on Saturday. We need everyone possible to help out, and make it go quickly so we can get down to flying rockets! In the past we have had a good turnout to help, thanks in advance. We will have all the supplies needed, we just need willing hands. It can be messy, so bringing gloves is a good idea. Feel free to bring any tools you like to use. With ample help, we should be flying before lunchtime.

** Please note: as in past years, if you want to fly on Saturday, you MUST show up and help with the cleanup. Folks that help with the cleanup will additionally pay no flyer’s fee for the weekend. Those that don’t help out, and show up on Sunday will need to pay a regular flyer’s fee.

Lloyd and Nadine’s Dogs will not be at the launch on Saturday, but will be there Sunday. Please plan accordingly.

Break down will begin on Sunday at 2:30-3 pm. As with setup, please plan to help out.

As this is our first launch of the season, here are updates and reminders for flying at METRA. Please read through them.
0. When driving on the farm property, the speed limit is 10 MPH. If you are raising a dust cloud, slow down!

1. Please clean up after yourself; flyers are responsible to remove their own trash from the site.

2. You must be a METRA member to fly, and have signed a waiver form. First time visitors can fly for one day if they sign a waiver, and pay $5 + a flyer’s fee – the 5 bucks can count towards METRA membership if you opt to join after. http://metrarocketclub.org/join-renew-v2/

3. All METRA launches are Tripoli research launches. To fly high power, you must also be a member of either Tripoli or NAR. Research flights are only allowed by Tripoli level 2 and higher members. Tripoli requires at research launches that only members 18 and older may go to the high power pads. The only exception to this is for junior (12-17) members who have completed either the Tripoli TMP or NAR Jr. level 1 program.

4. All flights must meet Tripoli flight/safety codes. Please take a look as a reminder: http://www.tripoli.org/SafetyCode
Rockets must be designed to fly AND be recovered safely. We cannot leave rockets or parts in the field, as it can damage farm equipment. Consider using a tracker, or at the very least a beeper.

5. We will be using wristbands this year to show who has paid flyer’s fees. If you don’t have a wristband, you will not be allowed to fly. Please see a board member to pay your flyer’s fee; the person collecting will be announced at the flyer’s meeting.

6. In the past few years we have had a problem getting folks to volunteer for RSO duty – checking & approving rockets for safety. Often the RSO also is called on to act as LCO and launch rockets. An RSO needs to have level 2 certification, but the LCO does not. A shift is 2 hours, at the RSO/LCO tables where folks can find you. We need more people to volunteer for these positions! Its not fair to the few people that often get roped into doing this all the time – they want to fly rockets too. If we do not get volunteers, we may need to stop the launch until someone steps up.

If you have any questions, please ask a board member, we can help!

Wishing everyone a fun,safe, and successful flying season, and hope to see everyone this weekend !

3/29/17 First launch cancelled.

Unfortunately, the weather is still against us. The field still has a little snow, and is muddy. It may also rain on Saturday. Because of all this, we have agreed with the landowner that we should not be on the field, and we have cancelled the April launch. Since LDRS is the following weekend, we will have our first launch May 6-7. We will have our equipment cleanup in the morning of the 6th.

Take advantage of the extra time, and get something new built!

3/21/17 First launch postponed until April 1.

Unfortunately, there is still snow on the ground in Pine Island, and our landowner has asked us not to be on the field this coming weekend. We are thus postponing our first launch until April 1, 2017. This is planned to be our equipment cleanup launch, and will likely be a Saturday only launch. More details will follow next week once we know that the field is clear of snow, and we are OK’ed to be there.

1/25/17 The 2017 METRA flying season begins soon!

Welcome to 2017 ! Hope all is well, and you are busy building all kinds of cool new rocketry projects.

Get your winter builds done – we hope to see some really cool projects this year. Let people know what you are up to on our Facebook page !

Please renew your membership for 2017 on the website (paypal). Afterwards, you can fill out the membership form & waiver and bring it to a launch, or mail it in.

Join / Renew Membership

You can’t fly if you are not a member, so please renew soon!

The schedule for next year will be finalized soon, with our first launch in March. Like last year, we will spend part of Saturday at the first launch doing some equipment cleanup/repair/prep for next year. All members are strongly encouraged to help out. Details will be available soon.

Have a great time for the remainder of the rocket building season, and hope to see everyone back once the flying season begins!